I give new definition to the term senior developer but still love the game. There is no better brain candy then writing software. I have written C# .Net application for as long as I can remember which gets more fuzzy every year. Came off a great WPF contract in May 17 and was looking for new directions. That is when I discovered and fell in love with Xamarin . Most of the loves of my life have been disappointing but I don not think this one will be, I had played with writing phone apps with Sencha Touch and mostly was impressed. However it is Javascript and really missed my favorite language C# and wanted to go native. Now Swift looks very cool but Xamarin lets me get the best of both worlds as I get to play native and use C# and .Net APIs, sweet. Not only that but I can still use Visual Studio most of the time. I looked at Xamarin Forms and must admit they academically interesting but really want access to the native apis. My first apps where on the Android platform as I had all the tools including as cheap Driod phone. However it is IOS that really caught my eye. Now this is super development environment, Microsoft never had a chance with Windows Phone against this beautiful environment. So most of this blog is in IOS development and hope I can help aid in your journey